Our aims for Taralandia® are simple – we want to make the best nursery rhyme videos on the internet. How do we aim to do that?

Becky Babbit

We first record some great music for our nursery rhymes, sung by the young characters themselves which encourages viewers to singalong too.

Next we tweak the lyrics to the nursery rhymes to give our songs some simple safe and copyable actions – let’s get your kids moving and shaking and learning by doing!

Then we created a special warm and welcoming environment for nursery rhymes in Taralandia®, where your kids will want to play with their new friends, and be introduced to the concept of playgroup, nursery, or early years school.

Malik Marmot

We add a really great bouncing ball lyrics option to our nursery rhymes which helps parents singalong too and your kids can begin associating words with sounds.

Finally we gave our nursery rhymes the best element of all – fun, fun, FUN!